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Insect Screen

solar garage Aedes_AlbopictusBeware of the deadly Zika Virus!  Do not wait to screen in your outdoor living areas and protect yourself from this devastating killer!  The Wall Street Journal describes where the Zika virus is most likely to surface in this article:   Read about the deadly Zika Virus!  Super screen allows you to have that incredible large open patio or outdoor living space without getting in the way of that gorgeous view!

Super Screen by Twitchell

SuperScreen from Twitchell will keep out flies, mosquitoes, and other flying insects including no see ums, and provide you adequate ventilation while not obstructing your view.  Super Screen is available in black or white, and heights up to 120″ before needing a seam.   Available in standard 17/17 mosquito weave or the tighter 17/20 no see um weave.

Black super screen allows you a clear view with minimal shading and excellent air flow.
ss out

When viewed from the exterior, the Super Screen encloses your outdoor living space making it look like another room of your home.

White super screen gives your home a Key West feel while adding an element of privacy.
White ss in
White ss out

  • SuperScreen had and extended life expectancy of over 10 years vs. standard fiberglass 18/14 screen shelf life of 5-6 years.
  • A biocide compound is added to the manufacturing process of SuperScreen, making it mildew resistant, perfect for the outdoors.
  • In factory testing, SuperScreen resists punctures and tears and has proved to be 300% stronger over it’s competitors, thanks to extrusion coating, instead of dip-coated fiberglass.
  • View the SuperScreen flyer.







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