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Motorized Garage Shades & Screens

Motorized garage screens are the new, innovative way to get rid of those bars on the outdated 4 track sliders.

Instead of a 4 track sliding door like the one on the right side above, where you have to manually slide panels over, and always have at least 1/4 of your garage entrance blocked, opt for a motorized overhead garage screen shown on the left side garage.  Sliders aren’t convenient!  When it rains, you get wet having to jump out of the car and slide the doors over so you can drive in.  With the motorized garage screen option, you simply hit the button on the remote to get raise the screen, drive in, and unload the groceries or let the kids back into the house without tracking in the mud and dirt.  Plus…JUST LOOK AT THE DIFFERENCE ABOVE!

Garage screens can mount on the face of the garage for higher profile vehicles, or under the header for a clean hidden look. Take a look at a few of the different options for garage screens. Remember, the lighter the screen color (beige, stucco, white shown below), the less visibility you will have, turning your garage into a useable work area or rec room.

The power cord can be run up through your attic space, and plug into that extra outlet in your garage door opener that seem to be unused, so there are no unsightly cords along the walls.

Just listen to this homeowner’s satisfaction with the installation of the garage screen system!

RV Ports and Car Ports can also be accommodated!  Keep the UV Rays off that RV or sports car and extend the life of your toys!

Black solar screen is the optimum choice for view and privacy.

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