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Installation and Programming

Motor Programming Instructions:

Listed below are the programming instructions for various remotes compatible with our Somfy RTS or SIMU motors.  Should you need further technical support, please contact Somfy at 1-800-822-7468 and speak with one of their certified motor/remote technicians.  Watch the video below for motor programming instructions.

Motor Programming Instructions with pictures (for standard remotes)
Motor Programming Instructions (for standard remotes)
RTS 16 Chan Interface Instructions
In Wall Remote Instructions
16 Chan Remote Instructions
Keypad Instructions

Installation Instructions

Install Types (examples of each style of installation)

Email me at 38andco@gmail.com for specific installation instructions based on your installation type below.


IUH Example

IUH Example


The hood mounts under a header, and tracks are trapped between the jambs.  The hood and roller assembly fit tight between the posts or columns.


OAH Example

OAH Example


The hood mounts outside on the face of the structure above the opening.  Tracks mount to the left and right side of the opening.   Good for arched or uneven openings.


Recessed Example

Recessed Example


There generally is no hood.  The roller assembly is hung using brackets, and channels and tracks are hidden in the walls.  Used mostly in new construction and remodels.